Shop at Holy Veil Face Mask for Face Mask, Cloth Face Masks, Printed Face Masks, Stylish Face Mask, Designer Face Mask, the  Best Face Masks Online.  We provide fast shipping, quality products.  Our Face mask are designed with 2 layers, The outer layer is 100% polyester for wicking properties.  The lining layer is 100% cotton to creat a soft and comfortable touch on the face. The face mask elastic is 1/8" thin and it has high stretch and resilience.  This gives the face mask more comfortable fit around the ears, without pulling on the ears.

Because of Covid-19 Corona Virus, society is changing and governments and many private businesses are making it a requirement to wear a face mask into their establishments.  Please obey these request so we can slow the spread of the covid9-19 Corona Virus and get back to a normal life.  If you are going to wear a face mask, wear one of ours. Shop at Holy Veil Face Mask. Thank You.

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Tropical Print Face Mask

SKU: rfm-p-hv04-black
Color: black
  • Tropical print reusable face mask. Best Face Mask. Cloth Face Mask.

    • Thin elastic straps.
    • The face mask fits flush with face providing a comfortable seal between the skin and fabric.
    • MACHINE WASHABLE! We recommend using a Mesh Wash Bags to protect your masks from streching and skewing. So they will last longer.

    FIBER CONTENT: Lining: 100% Polyester, Outer Fabric: 100% Cotton

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Holy Veil Face Mask, Face Masks, Stylish Face Mask, Designer Face Mask, Cloth Face Masks