I'll Take a Reusable Face Mask Please!

Reasons Why Reusable Face masks Are Better Than Disposable Face masks Since the Corona Virus Disease started in December 2019, the number of new cases are always on the rise. Currently, the total number of infections globally is over 2.5 million. Prevention against this virus is entirely a personal responsibility. In the wake of COVID-19, face masks are a now a mandatory requirement. Doctors prescribe N-95 masks as a mean to curb the spread of this deadly disease. Face masks currently in the market are either reusable or disposable. For disposable masks, you do away with them upon using them once. With reusable masks, you can disinfect and reuse them. CDC recommends reusable cloth masks with several layers of fabric. So, what are some of the benefits of reusable masks over disposable masks? Reusable Masks Are Economical As aforementioned, you can only use disposable masks once, after which you are expected to do away with them. If for example, you step out thrice in a day, that would mean three masks for a single day. For health workers, you’d require a mask for every shift. For those with prolonged shifts, you might even require several masks for a single shift. We all know how these times are economically tough. Thus, we must save on costs every chance we get. Reusable masks provide you the much-needed protection, without leaving you with dented pockets. Reusable Masks Are Better To Deal With The Ongoing Shortage Since February 2020, there has been a continuous shortage of face masks. This was brought about by the increasing number of new patients globally. Health workers in most parts of the world continue to experience shortage of PPEs, especially face masks. Thus, reusable face masks are a better alternative. You don’t have to keep buying new masks if you can reuse the ones you currently have. Reusable Masks Are Eco-friendly Face masks pose a potential health hazard, if not disposed correctly. With disposable masks, the risk is even higher. Disposable masks comprise of petroleum-derived plastic. Improper disposal enhances plastic pollution. Conclusion Always take the given measures for disposal. Above all, stay safe.

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